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Oct 1, 2012
WORM INC is proud to announce the endorsement of our new funny car chassis and bodies by
Top Fuel Funny Car World Champion Bruce Larson.

Bruce has joined us to endorse our products and is so committed that he is having WORM INC build a Tribute Funny Car of his famous USA-1 1968 Camaro. The USA-1 Tribute Funny Car will feature the new nostalgia funny car chassis by WORM INC and will have a period looking fiberglass’68 Camaro body – no swoopy Pro Mod car with a big wing and pinched nose here- just "True Nostalgia". This USA-1 Tribute Funny Car will look like the original, but will have an up to date WORM INC 10.1E spec chassis so the car can be run at events across the country. It will feature the correct paint job and decals that Bruce himself will approve of. The USA-1 Tribute Funny Car will be at nostalgia shows across the country and WORM INC is pleased to announce that Bruce Larson will be at the wheel. This will be Bruce’s 45th Anniversary USA-1 Tribute Funny Car Tour and we anticipate he will put on quite a show for the fans. The funny car will be built with all the latest safety equipment making it legal to run at NHRA tracks, and Bruce has kept his license updated and we know he is ready to light the pipes. The proposed 2013 schedule of shows includes the three NHRA Museum shows – Bowling Green, KY; Epping NH; and Bakersfield, CA; Funny Car Reunion in Englishtown, NJ; and US30 Reunion at Beaver Springs, PA. We also are looking to debut the USA-1 Tribute Funny Car at the Gator Nationals in Florida in March and show it at a few NHRA events throughout the year.

Nov 1, 2012
Hilborn Fuel Injection is supplying the low profile GMC-F Mechanical Fuel Injection for the project. Don Enrique is quoted as saying " Bruce is a great guy and this is a great way of honoring him" We agree.

Nov 2, 2012
High Tech Metals of harrisburg, PA has come onboard to supply the 4130 Chromemoly tubing for the USA-1 project. Manager Todd Acri said owner Craig Eshenhauer was enthusiastic about the funny car and really liked the idea of WORM INC building Bruce a new car.

Nov 21, 2012
American Racing has agreed to supply the wheels for the USA-1 Tribute Funny Car. Bruce Larson was involved early on with American Racing in an ad campaign that read " Bruce Larson Says Buy American". We are happy to have American Racing on board for the project and are proud to say "After 45 years, Bruce Larson STILL says Buy American".

Dec 5, 2012
Moser Engineering is supplying one of their new M9 fabricated floater rear ends for the chassis. Moser's Tim Irwin met with us at PRI in Florida and confirmed that they are in fact building one of their bulletproof rears for the project featuring chromemoly housing, aluminum thru-bolt center section, and 40 spline axles.

Dec 15, 2012
Performance of York, PA is supplying the blueprinted vertex style magneto for the project. Bob and Bill Stiles were equally excited about the USA-1 Tribute Funny Car and offered their expert services to dial in the mag for the nitro motor.

Dec 20, 2012
DJ Safety to supply Coldfire Fire Extinguisher Kit for the USA-1 Tribute Car. Ben Conant from DJ was really pumped to be involved with the iconic build. DJ Safety is the leader in safety equipment for drag racing.

Feb 28, 2013
Boyd welding supplies the fuel tank. Dave Boyd, President of Boyd Welding sent us a custom aluminum tank for the USA-1 Tribute Funny Car. We use Boyd Welding tanks on all our dragsters and funny cars- they are the BEST.

March 1, 2013
ATI Racing supplied the powerglide transmission, flexplate and converter for the build. They built a high horsepower tranny that will take all the punishment the nitro feed big block can dish out.. Thanks to Randy and the guys at ATI.

March 11, 2013
Teds Fabrication built the custom zoomie headers. Ted built the headers the day before we loaded the car for the Gator National. They sound as good as they look.

March 14, 2013
After only 13 short weeks from start to finish, the Bruce Larson USA-1 Tribute Funny Car debuts at the Gator Nationals. We were very pleased with the reception we received at the Gators. Fans were surrounding the car all weekend and Bruce was signing lots of autographs.




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